This meeting was introduced in 1995 and was held at Northampton Golf Club. Subsequently the Golf Society has visited many wonderful courses including Goring & Streatley; St Pierre; Little Aston, Hollinwell (Notts) and, most recently, Northamptonshire County Golf Club.

Autumn Meeting roll of honour

Paul Ritchie

2021 Autumn Cup Winner

Year Venue Winner
2022 Northamptonshire County
2021 Northamptonshire County Paul Ritchie
2020 Northamptonshire County Paul Beever
2019 Northamptonshire County Keith Allison
2018 Northamptonshire County Gus Whyte
2017 Northamptonshire County Michael Pestereff
2016 Basingstoke Cameron Grant
2015 Northamptonshire County Peter Taylor
2014 Northamptonshire County Brian Reid
2013 Little Aston Richard Burgess
2012 Little Aston Michael Pestereff
2011 Little Aston Tony Hebb
2010 Hollinwell Steve Smith
2009 Hollinwell Bob Harper
2008 Little Aston Tony Hebb
2007 Little Aston John O’Brien
2006 Little Aston John Povall
2005 Little Aston David Frost
2004 Little Aston John Povall
2003 Little Aston Adrian Malupa
2002 Little Aston Paul Symes
2001 Little Aston Michael Pestereff
2000 Little Aston Duncan Ritchie
1999 St Pierre Derek Messenger
1998 St Pierre Jeremy Baines
1997 St Pierre Tim Knowles
1996 Goring & Streatley Peter Taylor
1995 Northampton Golf Club If this was you…please let us know!!!