2020 has been a very different year for all of us to date. It is to be hoped that the absence of golf has been the least of your worries and our sympathies go to anyone directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

From a golfing standpoint, the opening of courses, albeit with many virus-control restrictions in place, has been very welcome. However, the fact that golf clubs have so far been unable to supply changing and catering facilities for large groups, means that we have been unable to enjoy any of our CILT Golfing events scheduled to date.

Coronavirus isn’t the only obstacle to be overcome!

But all hope is not yet lost! Advice from the Government, medical scientists and Golf England is changing regularly and new ways to move towards ‘normality’ are being devised, whilst abiding by this advice. Therefore, we remain positive that the ever popular CILT Tour, 6th to 8th September to Yorkshire, will get the go-ahead as our members certainly still have the appetite to make it happen. Of course, this will require changes with single room accommodations, social distancing for group dining, and other sensible precautions in order to embrace the new normal for us all.

Matches and events will also have to adapt to the changing circumstances, and we will have to accept that, for now at least, these future events will take place in less-than-ideal conditions. At the time of writing we are optimistic that the match versus the Liberal Golf Circle, due to take place at West Essex GC on 22nd July, will take place – albeit in line with coronavirus related restrictions. Likewise, the match versus the Army/Transport golf societies, scheduled for 5th August at the Army Golf Club, Aldershot, even if it goes ahead, will lack much of its usual lively social interaction.

The organisers of these and other events, such as the re-arranged meeting at Hankley Common on 19th August, are also working feverishly with the courses, hotels, and catering options to find ways of overcoming the coronavirus restrictions so that they can still be held and enjoyed. All of the venues are certainly looking forward to welcoming us and are delighted to hear our resolve, and with final decisions still many weeks away.

So, members please do not write off the 2020 season just yet, however, just be prepared for it to be a little bit different so we can meet with our friends and colleagues once again.