CILT (UK) Golf Society Main Sponsorship Agreement

There are many opportunities for your organisation’s products, services and corporate image to be associated with CILT (UK) by targeting a large audience of supply chain, logistics and transport professionals. Take advantage of the many sponsorship and advertising opportunities available at various events throughout the year with the CILT (UK) Golf Society.

We believe we have positioned the cost of sponsorship so that the benefits in marketing terms provide excellent ‘value for money’. This can be measured when considered against the following criteria…


The PR from written reports and references in CILT Focus magazine, this web site and at the events.

Client Entertainment

Excellent value for ANY client interested in golf. For one company to organise and run similar events the costs are prohibitive. It is a very effective way of saying ‘Thank you’ for your business.


The CILT has the largest logistics organisation membership in Europe. Supply Chain Managers from Retail, Manufacturing, Service Providers, Defence, Consultancies and Systems Integrators are heavily involved. CILT Golf sponsorship is one way of exploiting this marketing.

Focus Magazine

Good marketing eventually leads to the generation of both new and additional business. Through these networking events, we will provide the opportunity but it is the sponsor’s responsibility to make sure you get good value for money.

Main Sponsorship

  1. Naming of the event eg The CILT (UK) Summer Meeting…sponsored by YOUR COMPANY
  2. Prize Presentation by a Senior Manager/Director
  3. Prizes for the event and photo opportunities
  4. Mentions in all relevant letters to members and on this website; and where appropriate, a write up with a photograph from the prize presentation in the CILT “Logistics & Transport Focus” magazine giving extra publicity to the sponsor.
  5. Your logo on the CILT (Golf) home page.
  6. Web advertising on this site with a link to your company web site and landing page of your choice
  7. First options for any complimentary gifts to players (eg balls, tees etc) – where this option is not taken up then CILT (UK) Golf Society may accept other offers subject to the main sponsor approval.
  8. Discrete signs where allowed at the relevant golfing venue
  9. Opportunity to select up to three start times & pairings for you and your guests (playing fees are extra)
  10. Option to secure the following year Major Sponsorship (for the same event) for up to three months after the current year event
  11. Printing of the sponsor name in the CILT (UK) Golf events notifications/adverts
  12. Sponsorship fees for the year are proposed/approved by the CILT (UK) GS committee at the end of the previous year and for notification to the Main Sponsor contacts

Web Site Advertising

  1. Your logo and company profile
  2. Exclusive full page advert with links to your company web site and landing page of your choice
  3. Sponsor gallery available to help promote your products on line

If you are interested in event sponsorship or to advertise on this site contact us