Chairman’s 2020 Review of the Year

Compared to many others, I think we did well to be able to hold some events during a year dominated by coronavirus.  The number of attendees demonstrated an eagerness to get back to playing golf and to meeting our GS chums!  We also gained some new members, including some who’d been regular guests, so we extend a warm welcome to them all.  The few names who dominate the list of winners disguises the fact that many others turned in good scores in testing conditions.

Future Plans.  At a Committee Meeting in November, we discussed all aspects and will provide full reports to the AGM.

a. Committee Appointments.  Recognising the shortened season for 2020, Bob Harper was invited to remain as Captain for 2021 – but he needs the support of a Vice Captain for 2021/Captain(designate) for 2022.  The committee approached several nominees and have a recommendation.  Chris Sturman expressed a wish to hand over his role as Treasurer before the end of 2021 and Peter Taylor offered to take this on.  Other committee members indicated a willingness to stay.  These proposals will be tabled at the AGM for approval.

b. Programme for 2021 Alternative venues for the meetings were discussed but, apart from a variation of golf clubs for the Tour to York, it was decided to defer any further changes until 2022.

c. World Handicap System (WHS). The recent introduction of the WHS and Course & Slope Rating System will mean some changes to our Constitution & Rules (C & R) as they apply to our events/competition.  We will let everyone know of the effects before our first event and table an amendment for discussion and AGM approval.

d. Event Payments.  Our Treasurer, Chris Sturman, has had more success in checking your payments in the bank statements but please continue to simplify his task by avoiding multi payments and use the reference box carefully (e.g., make one payment using reference “nameSubs21” and then separately another “nameSpring21”).

e. GS Website and Publicity.  Thanks to Peter Taylor, John Winter and Cameron Grant we’re getting good publicity and reports in the Focus magazine and our website ( is working well.

May I take this opportunity to thank the members of your Management Committee and the staff at the Institute Head Office in Corby for their support.  I’d also like to thank our sponsors because it is with their help that we are able to offer golf on top-quality courses at reasonable rates to our members and their guests.  We do need more major and minor sponsors so, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.  Finally, a happy Christmas and New Year to you all and I look forward to seeing more of you next season.

Paul Symes CBE

Chairman, The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in the UK Golf Society