Report for 2021.  Apart from our Members’ Meeting, the easing of Covid restrictions enabled us to enjoy a full season of events and attendance levels improved.  We gained some new members so I extend a warm welcome to them all.  One feature this year was the introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS) which, in time, should provide a ‘playing handicap’ which more accurately reflects a golfer’s playing ability and the difficulty of the course being played.  Click the link for a summary of the results of events in 2021 ChairmanReport21AnnexA.

General.  A Committee Meeting in November discussed all aspects; full reports will be given to the AGM covering:

GS Finances.  Rising prices, higher attendance numbers and our policy to subsidise events from GS funds resulted in a deficit of over £2,000 in 2021.  With the need to keep reserves to cover cash-flow (deposits, delayed sponsor payments), the committee recommended increasing annual subscriptions, event fees for members (with more for guests) and to seek more sponsors. 

Committee Appointments. To support our 2022 Captain, Brian Reid, the committee recommended Ian Chalmers to be Vice Captain for 2022/Captain(designate) for 2023. The handover of Treasurer from Chris Sturman to Peter Taylor has been completed and other committee members indicated a willingness to remain in post.  These committee appointments will be tabled at the AGM for approval.

Programme for 2022 (as shown on Annex C). As discussed at the AGM, it features a change of venue for the Summer Meeting and taking our Golf Tour to Norfolk. It also includes a possible new match v Motor Trades Golf Society.

World Handicap System (WHS). The introduction of the WHS and Course & Slope Rating System was included in our Constitution & Rules (C & R). It worked reasonably well in 2021.

Local Rule for General Play. This was trialled on the Tour and the committee recommended adopting it for 2022.

Event Payments.  The Treasurer reported more success in checking event payments with bank statements but encouraged all to simplify his task by avoiding multi payments and using the reference box carefully (e.g. make one payment using reference “nameSubs22” and then separately another “nameSpring22”) and to send an email to confirm.

GS Website and Publicity.  Thanks to Peter Taylor, John Winter and Cameron Grant, we’re getting more publicity and reports in the Focus magazine, and our website ( is working more effectively and we’re attracting new members.

Membership Application/Renewal.  Early in the New Year members will receive a copy of this Chairman’s Report, along with our 2021 Membership List and an Application/Renewal Form and Programme for 2022.  Please complete the Application/Renewal Form with your up-to-date contact details; also show your availability for the events in 2022 (which is used when selecting teams for matches and for sending out reminders).  Then pay your annual Golf Society membership subscription of £20, either by cheque or by internet bank transfer using the details shown and send the completed form, by post or email, to our membership contact at Corby, Lauren Elliott.

May I take this opportunity to thank the members of your Management Committee and the staff at the Institute Head Office in Corby for their support.  I’d also like to thank our sponsors because it is with their help that we are able to offer golf on top-quality courses at reduced rates to our members and their guests.  Finally, and sadly, I have to report that Ben Grant, a long-standing and loyal member of the GS, died recently.  We have sent our condolences to his son, Cameron.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Paul W Symes

Chairman, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Golf Society