Constitution & Rules


The name of the Society shall be The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) Golf Society, abbreviated as the CILT(UK) and the CILT(UK) GS.


The aim of the Society is to provide golfing members of the CILT(UK) with the opportunity to foster professional, business and sporting contacts.


Full Membership. All members and former members of the CILT(UK) are eligible to become members of the Golf Society. That eligibility includes members and former members of the forming institutes before integration on 1 June 1999, of a membership body within the CILT(UK), of nominated ‘key employees of organisations or companies with Corporate Partnership with CILT(UK) and members of staff at the Institute HQ.

Honorary Membership. Any person not eligible for full membership who, due to their connection with or contribution to the CILT(UK) GS, is duly elected to Honorary Membership. Such members have no voting rights but may play in all Society matches and meetings and be eligible for member reductions.


Management Committee. Management of the affairs of the Society shall be controlled by a Committee, formed from CILT(UK) GS members and elected/re-elected annually at the Society Annual General Meeting (AGM). It will include the following appointments (see Appendix 1):

Chairman, Captain, Vice Captain, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Fixture/Event Secretary, Sponsorship Secretary, Meeting & Tour Organisers, Handicap Secretary, Website Editor. Other members may be co-opted to join the committee as required.

Finance & Accounts

Subscriptions. To meet the administrative costs of running the Society, subscriptions will be levied annually at a rate agreed at the AGM.

Sponsorship. Society running costs can be minimised by securing sponsor support to cover (e.g. a competition trophy, the green fees/prizes/lunch/dinner at a meeting, the operation of Society website). Members are encouraged to actively seek sponsorship for the Society and an illustration of a Main Sponsor Agreement is shown at Appendix 2. Such sponsorship provides the opportunity for the Management Committee to organise a programme of events to enable members to play on prestigious courses at affordable rates. Whenever sponsorship is received, whether in cash or in kind, it will be the responsibility of the Management Committee to ensure that it is used in accordance with the wishes of the sponsor, the aims of the Society and that the sponsor receives appropriate publicity.

Audit of Accounts. The Treasurer will close the accounts at the end of each calendar year and submit them to the Chairman for audit. The Treasurer is to report annually on the accounts to the AGM.

The CILT (UK) Website

The CILT(UK) GS operates a website ( to publicise its events and circulate reports and photographs. This website includes important links, both to the main CILT(UK) website and its 25,000 members and to sponsor websites.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be convened by the Management Committee and held during the annual Society Members’ Meeting. Among other business, the AGM will:

Approve or amend the Constitution and Rules of the Society, Elect or re-elect members of the Management Committee, Vote on the election of Honorary Members, Set or amend the level of the annual subscription.

A quorum of at least 15 voting members is required before a vote can be taken. The Chairman may convene an extraordinary general meeting provided a quorum of members is present.


On joining the Society, a new member is to notify the Secretary of his/her current WHS Handicap Index and shall thereafter give immediate notice of any changes. It should be noted that to be given a ‘Handicap Index’ a club member must return scores annually amounting to 54 holes in qualifying competitions or in supplementary scores. Further, only golf clubs affiliated to the national Golf Unions may give or adjust the ‘WHS Handicap Index’.

Any Golf Society member without a ‘WHS Handicap Index’ or who is not a member of an affiliated golf club should send signed scorecards amounting to 54 holes in qualifying competitions (medal or stableford) to the GS Handicap Secretary so that an equivalent ‘GS Handicap Index’ can be calculated for use at Society meetings. The GS Handicap Secretary will review scores of those with an equivalent ‘GS Handicap Index’ and make adjustments where appropriate

Annual Events

Members of the Society are eligible and fully encouraged to participate in Society events. At the beginning of each season, the Fixture Secretary will issue an events list and ask all members to indicate their availability. Events will include a Members’ Meeting, Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings, Society Matches and a Golf Tour. The format for these events will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.


Members are encouraged to bring guests to all Meetings and the Golf Tour although, depending on over-all numbers, restrictions may have to be applied to the number of guests permitted. A member is responsible for ensuring their guest(s) understands and conforms to the rules of golf and any local rules.


Trophies are the property of the CILT(UK) GS and, where appropriate, are to be insured by them. There are no restrictions on the number of trophies a player may win in any single meeting. Winners should have the trophy suitably engraved and forward the bill to the Treasurer. Trophies can be retained by the winners for the year of tenure but must be returned to the Secretary in time for the respective meeting the following year.


A player may win only one prize at any one meeting; excluding sweeps, longest drive, nearest-the-pin and team prizes.

Rules & Etiquette

Members are expected to familiarise themselves with and observe the Rules of Golf and any local rules of the course being played. Furthermore, members are expected to demonstrate high standards of golf etiquette both on and off the course.