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2021 Draw

We plan to start the matches after Easter 2021 and complete before the Autumn Meeting in October 2021 – when the winner will be announced and prize presented.

The CILT (UK) Golf Society Singles Knock-out Competition, successfully introduced in 2007, will be repeated in the coming season.   Depending on responses, we plan to start the matches after Easter 2021 and complete the final before the Autumn Meeting at Northampton County GC in October 2021 – when the winner will be announced and prize presented. Please let me know if you would like to enter and send me a mail to pkbutter@aol.com The closing date for this year’s entries will be Tuesday 13th April 2021. I will make the draw and advise any byes, ties and dates to be played at the golf society Members Meeting at Beaconsfield.

Competition Rules:

1. Matches are to be played in accordance with The R & A Rules of Golf for Match Play Competitions. The match will be over 18 holes off full club handicap but, if the match is drawn after 18 holes, play must continue to a sudden death result. If light or course conditions prevent the completion of a match, play must take place on the first available mutually agreed date before the ‘play-by date’ or the result settled with the toss of a coin.

2. In fairness to all competitors and to avoid congestion in the later rounds, it is important to adhere to ‘play by dates’. The knock Out Competition Secretary is able to offer some latitude in early rounds so please consult him if in difficulty. If a date cannot be mutually agreed the result must be settled with the toss of a coin. If one party subsequently cannot make a previously agreed date, he/she must concede the match

3. Matches are to be played off the tee-of-the-day on any course agreed between the two players with the cost being shared. The player with the lowest handicap will concede the full difference in handicaps to the higher handicapper. In addition, if the match is played on the home course for one of the players that player will concede one extra stroke to his/her opponent.

3. Play-by dates must be adhered to and, if one party cannot make the date, he/she must concede the match.

4. Match results must be passed to the Knock Out Competition Secretary by both players as soon as possible so that next round details can be provided to the winner.

5. The Knock Out Competition Secretary can provide any clarification of these rules as may be required and his decision will be final.

Rules Note. The competition rules include an amendment to bring it into line with the CONGU Unified Handicapping System whereby the difference in handicaps must be used between players for match play competitions. Please also note that the competition rules currently allow players with interim handicaps to compete although, for future years, this rule will be reviewed at the AGM.

Paul Butterworth

2019 Winner: MARK SMITH

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