In 1995 we accepted a fixture arranged by John Smith to play a match against the Oil Industry Golf Society at Denham Golf Club. It is the only annual event in the CILT GS calendar to be played at its original venue. And it started with a friendly half!

Match v Oil Industry

Year Venue Winner
2020 Denham Halved
2020 Denham Oil
2019 Denham Oil
2018 Denham CILT
2017 Denham CILT
2016 Denham CILT
2015 Denham CILT
2014 Denham CILT
2013 Denham CILT
2012 Denham CILT
2011 Denham Halved
2010 Denham CILT
2009 Denham Halved
2008 Denham CILT
2007 Denham CILT
2006 Denham Oil
2005 Denham Oil
2004 Denham Oil
2003 Denham Halved
2002 Denham CILT
2001 Denham Oil
2000 Denham Oil
1999 Denham Oil
1998 Denham Halved
1997 Denham Halved
1996 Denham CILT
1995 Denham Halved

The trophy is retained by The Oil Industry after the friendly half.