The Golf Society’s inaugural meeting was held on 16th May 1995 at Denham Golf Club. This morphed into an annual Spring Meeting after the introduction of the early-season Member’s meeting. Consequently, the event moved from its original venue to its current ‘home’  Open qualifier course, Hankley Common Golf Club that is ranked #32 in Golf Monthly Top 100 in GB&I.

Spring Meeting roll of honour

Year Venue Winner
2022 Hankley Common Derek Messenger
2021 Hankley Common Bob Harper
2020 Hankley Common Cameron Grant
2019 Hankley Common Cameron Grant
2018 Hankley Common Cameron Grant
2017 Hankley Common Nick Willis
2016 Hankley Common Bob Harper
2015 Hankley Common Cameron Grant
2014 Hankley Common Tom Brown
2013 Hankley Common Paul Ritchie
2012 Hankley Common Cameron Grant
2011 Hankley Common Ian Chalmers
2010 Hankley Common Bob Harper
2009 Hankley Common Bob Harper
2008 Hankley Common Derek Messenger
2007 Denham Oliver Jaycock
2006 Denham Martin Elliot
2005 Denham Richard Burgess
2004 Denham Peter Taylor
2003 Denham John Brinkworth
2002 Denham John Brinkworth
2001 Denham Colin Reardon
2000 Denham Michael Pestereff
1999 Denham John O Brien
1998 Denham Paul Symes
1997 Denham Jeremy Shepherd
1996 Denham John Toyne
1995 Denham John Gover