I can now confirm that our Yorkshire Golfing Tour will go ahead. We have been in contact with each golf club, the hotel and the restaurant to understand how they will accommodate us and to outline what the COVID 19 changes will be.


We have now renegotiated the price and booked 32 single rooms for the 2 x nights. The full breakfast will now be served at the table. I have attached the hotels ‘Cleanstay’ cleaning procedures for information. Rooms are still available, but not booked, for Saturday and Tuesday night. Please let me know if you would like me to book one of these rooms for you

Golf Clubs

The golf clubs have told us… “We are happy to run the event for you as previously outlined, and see no issues looking after your group safely and securely. All three clubs are arranging and hosting similar size and larger events now, so I don’t think that your members should be concerned. York & North Yorkshire seem to have escaped in comparison to the problems experienced in larger cities, in fact the coronavirus ward at York Hospital has been closed, as they had no cases for a long period. I am confident that we can look after your members appropriately during their visit to York, and with a bit of luck by September there may well be further relaxation on the guidelines to enable them to use the changing areas. By the time you visit us your members will be well versed with their personal responsibilities in regard to social distancing from their experiences at their own Clubs, so I am sure that this will have become almost the ‘norm’ for most by then”

  • The toilet and handwashing areas are open.
  • They are currently providing table service for drinks
  • Ganton will still be able to provide us with sandwiches after our game on Tuesday


The restaurant has confirmed that they can accommodate our group while being fully compliant with the current social distancing measures. Gus Whyte is visiting them next week to run through our requirements. Our hotel is a short 250-yard walk away…so no taxis will be required.

Revised Cost

As we will all now be staying in single rooms, we have been able to renegotiate the cost. The revised cost to include all golf, bed and breakfast in single room accommodation for 2 x nights with dinner on the Monday night and a sandwich lunch at Ganton Golf Club will be…

Member £425  Guest £460

Confirmation of your intention to travel and deposits

We totally understand that everyone’s attitude to risk may be different and if you had budgeted to share a twin room the pricing has changed. So if you do no longer wish to join us, we will naturally refund your deposit in full. If you are still planning to come can you please let me know by return of this mail so that I can let the hotel and golf clubs know. Full payment will be required by Monday 3rd August